Case Study  
  Case Study  

Flinders Reproductive Medicine

The Client

Located in Adelaide, South Australia, Flinders Reproductive Medicine is a wholly owned company of Flinders University. They provide cutting edge research into IVF technology, and treatment for men and women experiencing difficulty with fertility.

The Challenge

Flinders Reproductive Medicine had already contracted a web development firm to produce their new website. However, after missed deadlines, a lack of professional design expertise, and an end product that did not meet their requirements, they came to thefactory for help. The brief was simple: Build an online presence that is content rich, visually engaging, and meets the needs of both patients and health professionals.

The Solution

We started by defining the target audience and identifying the features that attract and retain the most visitors. Then we looked at competitors, analysing their strengths and weaknesses and finding a unique paradigm for the site. With an overview of the general requirements at hand, we began the content creation process, including text, computer graphics, photos and multimedia.


The structure of the site was mapped out with the focus being on ease of navigation and logical presentation of information. After a number of review cycles to ensure that the client was happy at every stage of the process, the site was ready to go live. The finished product includes company information, online newsletters, streaming video interviews, and other interactive elements designed to reinforce the user-centric approach.

The Outcome

Thefactory delivered the goods - on time and on budget. All of the key objectives set out for the project were either met or exceeded. Stephen Judd adds, "We have had good feedback from a number of our clients and other interested parties, so I think we are achieving our objective of communicating effectively, which is fundamental to our business".


It didn't take long for Flinders Reproductive Medicine to identify the advantages that Digital Media Solutions by thefactory provide. We don't think it will take you too long, either. Talk to us and you'll see.

Capabilities Utilized

HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript / ASP .NET / Microsoft IIS / Content Management System / User Interface Design / Consulting / Project Management / Site Maintenance